That sounds crazy, right? The manufacturer of your leak detection equipment is going to get you Paid Leak Detection Work? The truth is, yes, we are – in more ways than one.

We got a call the other day from a homeowner with a huge property in Murrieta, CA. The homeowner has a pool and a fountain 300 yards from the house on the lawn of their back property and its fed by a single 2-inch PVC pipe. The pipe was determined to be losing pressure so they called us to find out about getting a leak detection professional who uses LeakTronics equipment to find the leaks.


Simple! It’s because technicians who train with us and use the equipment we make find leaks faster, find leaks accurately and get the job done right! We spend thousands of hours a year educating consumers that when they have leaks, finding a professional who uses LeakTronics equipment is they way are going to find those leaks and get them repaired. Are you one of those contractors?

We simply directed her to our Find-A-Pro page and helped her locate a professional leak detection expert who could locate that leak for her. Worldwide, there are thousands upon thousands of trainees, equipment users and professionals who trust in us, and we trust in them. That’s why they’re posted on that page, and that’s who we call when customers want to pay a professional to find their leaks for them.

Find A Pro - Paid Leak Detection Work - Advice on Leak Detection

We’ve got Plumbing Leak Detection experts on 7 continents who find leaks in a house and listen throughout the entire property in under 2 hours. They use the equipment in our Plumbers Kit, and it doesn’t matter if the pipe is 300 yards long, or under two feet concrete foundation, they find them fast, they get paid and they take another customers job and repeat the process with more paid leak detection work. There are some who trained with our online Plumbers Leak Detection Certification Course, they quadrupled their business and put American Leak Detection out of business in their hometown. You can do that too and enjoy some nice beach vacations during the winter.

How about you pool guys who say you’ve got it covered, then you show up at a pool with a dive tank and flippers, ready to go snorkeling to find leaks. How is that working out for you? With the equipment in the Pro Complete Leak Detection Kit, you walk around the pool and listen for leaks with the only hydrophone in the industry designed to find leaks with precision accuracy – and they work! Hear leaks in any and all protrusions, through lights, in drains and skimmers, in return fittings, in structural cracks and places you would otherwise be swimming like a turtle to find.

With the DeckPlate and Soil Probe in the Pro Complete Kit, you can say goodbye to that plunger and those tin cans you’re using to hear muffled leak sounds under ground and you can actually find leaks exactly where they are, even under concrete and six feet of dirt. Use our FLASH System and find leaks in 100 feet of zig-zagged pipes running underground without taking out a shovel to find out where the pipe is! Our patented technology lets you hear where the leak is, then find the mic head underground at the site of that leak. Know where repairs are going to be made and stop digging through mountains of mud to impress your customers. Get the job done fast, get paid and get to another job while the competition is still strapping on their flippers.

Our Line Locating Equipment spares Irrigation Technicians hours of embarrassment by radiating a clearly audible pulse through thousands of feet of PVC pipe so they can mark where lines run and find leaks with ease. If you’re digging a trench through a customers lawn from their driveway to their garden bed, you should be fired on the spot. If you had the right equipment and a little bit of training, you would dig a foot and a half of dirt in a square, fix a pipe and get paid for a job well done. Yes, equipment costs money, but is that $30 shovel and nine hours of digging really worth saving a buck? Our Irrigation Technicians did three jobs while you were still looking for Mrs. Jones sprinkler lines.


Do you really want to spend another year sweating it out and making half the money you think you deserve but doing twice the work you really have to just to get by? LeakTronics has options to get you equipped, get you trained, and even to launch your business with a website, marketing program and expanded gear package to take all the work right out from under the other guys in your city. Are you ready to get paid? Call now and lets do this!