We can’t stress it enough in our training programs, slot drains are an absolute nightmare sometimes. When pools are built, the builders rarely take into consideration that leaks occur and that finding them requires the ability to get inside those small slot drains and both see and hear where leaks are happening. Even with the small Pipe Mic in the Pro Complete leak Detection Kit, a slot just thicker than 1/4 inch isn’t accessible for performing a leak detection.

Slot Drains Are Nightmares

When it comes to the destructive techniques to get into those slot drains to find leaks and make repairs, rarely are homeowners prepared for the cost and damage that has to be done to do the job right, find and stop leaks and repair the pool. When that drain is permanently in place, the only way to fix the damage inside is to literally tear it out and rebuild it – which is what we had to do on a very expensive pool. The homeowner was not pleased with how the pool was constructed. You’ll see some of the destructive methods required in the video below.

Use your head when performing leak detections on slot drains. use the equipment you have in your kit to do all you can and make every effort to plug off the drains and get inside to hear leaks, or use a camera when possible to see what’s going on inside the drain. There will be times you simply have to step away from it and open it up to get inside, and we hope that doesn’t happen often, but they’re building pools crazier than ever. They’re building them for asthetics and wow factor without realizing what has to happen when those crazy designs fail.

It isn’t easy, but with the right equipment from LeakTronics, and LeakTronics professional training for leak detection, you can get the job done and get paid. We’ll show you how and help get you there.

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