When Jeff Cunningham knew that his Pittsburgh based shared-office space would be closed for three months during the pandemic, it was a perfect time to address some of the hidden issues his building had. A two story, open floorpan with independent offices around the perimeter, two kitchens, four bathrooms, three water fountains and a coffee station; running water often posed questions. He took advantage of the downtime to find leaks on the property and called a LeakTronics Certified Leak Detection Technician to do the work.

Sometimes I could hear it,” Jeff shared. “When everyone’s left the building, you could hear an occasional ‘running toilet’ or that maybe someone left a sink faucet on just a little bit.”

Jeff addressed one toilet’s shut-off valve that needed a float replacement, but questions regarding the plumbing in a 50 year old building could only be answered with a proper leak detection.

My wife and I decided we’d paint some walls and install some new lighting. On a list of small tasks we wanted to implement to freshen up the open spaces, we decided to have the plumbing system looked over with a leak detection,” Jeff shared. “God forbid we invest in aesthetics and have a leak wreck something.”

The timing was perfect. With the work center on lockdown, the building was empty and quiet. A rare situation for a fully functioning shared office space, but the right environment for a leak detection professional to come in and do their job.

Shared office - Downtime to Find leaks

Performing a commercial leak detection, where plumbing feeds multiple offices, bathrooms and outlets can be harder to perform than a standard residential leak detection. Often, technicians will do it early in the morning or later at night when no-one is in the building. To properly identify leaks, everything has to be turned off. If bathrooms are being used, or water is running inside the building, even if there are running outdoor irrigation systems, the meter that feeds the property is going to show spin, and might otherwise appear to be a leak.

Our technician came at 8:00am. He used his plumbing equipment to listen outside first, then he came through the entire inner office. He was actually very proficient, in and out in no time. When he got into the downstairs bathroom, where I had replaced a toilet float, he found a leak in the cold water line that fed the toilet. It was behind a decorative wall covering, we would never have known it was there. We were glad we had downtime to find leaks, but our plumber let us know he could have done it even if we were open.

Brick Bathroom - Downtime To Find Leaks

Using the equipment in the Plumbers Leak Detection Kit, a technician can hone in on the sounds of leaks in pipes and plumbing wherever they are. Behind walls, under floors, indoors or out. Starting at the meter to look for spin, a technician will see if water is moving through the plumbing system. Using the techniques taught in the Online Plumbers Leak Detection Course from LeakTronics, isolating pipes and accurately locating leaks can be done fast, and repairs can be made to stop water loss right away.

The Plumbers Kit from LeakTronics includes equipment to locate the sounds of leaks in pipes, pressure test pipes and detect even the smallest leaks in the hardest to find areas. Other equipment LeakTronics manufactures, including cameras and pipe locators, help plumbers get right to leaks, even from inside the pipes.

The Plumbers Leak Detection Kit is also included with the Complete Online Plumbers Leak Detection Training Course, available online, and comes with free customer service to answer any questions, even on the job. LeakTronics has helped plumbers around the world take leak detection work into their own hands, so calling another company to perform a leak detection isn’t necessary. Plumbers can come to a customers location, find leaks and make repairs.

Learn about the online training program, the Plumbers leak Detection Equipment and LeakTronics customer service by visiting https://leaktronics.com or by calling 818-436-2953 for more information.