I’m often asked if the Pool Scope Hydrophone will hear a tiny leak at the bottom of a pool. The answer is yes, but you should know that the smaller the leak is, and the deeper in the pool it is, the louder it’s going to sound.

When the weight of water in a pool pushes out through a crack, it creates a whooshing sound. The sound is made because the pressure wants to escape the crack or hole and the hole is too small for all that water weight to push through, so the resistance of the crack itself causes the noises we hear with our hydrophones.

Think about a ballon as a kid. You would blow it up and pull the opening apart while squeezing your thumb and forefingers on it. The tighter you pulled and squeezed, the louder the squeal was as the pressure of the air tried to escape. Small cracks at the bottom of the pool do much of the same thing. They literally scream louder into the hydrophone.

LeakTronics hydrophones are specifically designed to pick up on these frequencies, it literally hears them and reports them back to the LT-1000 Amplifier and you hear it in the headphones. Those sonic frequencies are deciphered and heard with more potential because of the PC board and chipset that is designed into LeakTronics technologies. It’s not just a microphone, it’s a hydrophone designed quite specifically for hearing the frequency of sound created by leaks. Sure, you can put your ear to a leak and probably know that something is wrong, but you’ll know in a few seconds exactly what’s wrong when you hear that leak with a hydrophone; thousands of professionals around the world prove that every day.

LeakTronics Hydrophones are included in all of LeakTronics Swimming pool leak Detection Kits. The Pro Kit is the perfect starting kit for any leak detection professional. It includes the Pool Scope for general listening anywhere inside of a pool or spa shell and a Pipe Mic for getting inside return fittings and skimmer lines. Where 95% of leaks occur within a three foot radius of the pool shell itself, listening back into return liens with the pipe Mic gets technicians right on top f leaks to know with precision, where repairs need to be made.

The Pro Complete Kit includes both of the aforementioned Hydrophones along with 2 sub-surface listening devices and a pressure rig. Creating the sound of leaks with a combination of air and water lets users hear where leaks occur under concrete, soil, compacted dirt, landscaping, patios – anywhere a pipe runs underground, and at upwards of 6-8 feet underground.

The Vinyl Liner Leak Detection Kit, called the VILO, offers the equipment required to pinpoint rips, tears and holes in vinyl liners, and the kit includes a Pool Scope too. Before breaking out the vinyl equipment, technicians listen for the sounds of leaks at all protrusions in the liner. Where plastic comes through the pool wall and the liner, the potential for leaks occurs. Listen at lights and plastics, drain covers and skimmers first, a high percentage of leaks in vinyl liner pool aren’t due to the liner itself. The pool Scope finds those leaks, and that’s why it’s included in the VILO Vinyl Liner leak Detection Kit.

Don’t dive into a pool to see if a main drain is leaking, get in deep with a Pool Scope and hear if it’s leaking. You are welcome to dive and dye test to back up your findings, but if the drain isn’t leaking, why get wet? Professionals use LeakTronics Hydrophones to accurately pinpoint where leaks are, and aren’t. They get the job done fast, and accurately.

Learn more about the Hydrophones in the Pro Complete Kit, and get the one leak detection kit that runs the industry. To learn more, or get answers too questions, call 818-436-2953 today.