You’ve pressure tested your pipe and you verified it’s got a leak. Now, you want to know where it is. This is where the highly sensitive and powerful listening technology in LeakTronics sub-surface listening equipment takes the stage. Sound frequencies emanating from the pressure escaping a pipe can vary and hearing them when they’re under 6 feet of soil with a concrete patio on top can raise questions as to how you’ll hear it. LeakTronics Deck Plate is designed specifically to answer those questions.

Can I hear leaks in a buried pipe? Yes you can.

LeakTronics Deck Plate offers listening upwards of 6 to 8 feet underground without an issue. The flat surface of LeakTronics Deck Plate listens across the entire surface; there is no separation between the ground and the plate. The entire surface of the Deck Plate gives the user the ability to pick up those sound vibrations and to accurately locate where they’re coming from.

PVC pipes, those typically found in pool plumbing, do not radiate noise down them. When a leak creates its sound, that sound is at the precise area of the leak. To create the sound, the user uses a combination of water pressure and bursts of air. As the pressure escaping the pipe pushes out the air, it creates a boiling and bubbling sound at the leak. Using the Deck Plate, we can accurately hone in on that sound, even from multiple feet underground, and we know exactly where we’re going to break ground to make repairs.

The Deck Plate, like all of LeakTronics listening equipment, is designed for precision and accuracy. The goal in leak detection and repair is to be non-invasive. We don’t want to break up long runs of concrete to get at a pipe and then discover we aren’t at the leak. By pinpointing the area where water is escaping the pipe, we can dig in a smaller area to make repairs and concrete restoration is easier, and doesn’t make havoc on the aesthetics of the deck.

The Deck Plate is part of LeakTronics Pro Complete Leak Detection Kit, and it gets it’s power from LeakTronics LT-1000 Amplifier. The amplifier uses phantom power to increase the listening potential of the equipment, powering the PC boards and technology designed into the Deck Plate, and all of LeakTronics gear. It’s the implementation of this advanced listening technology that makes LeakTronics equipment the go-to leak detection equipment professionals rely on to get the job done fast.

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With the Pro Complete leak Detection Kit, swimming pool leak detection as a career becomes a reality. Take on more customers, produce results faster and with extreme accuracy and above all, get paid for providing the best leak detection services in your community.

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