There is no taboo to finding leaks. With LeakTronics equipment and training, you can have a successful career finding customer’s leaks and getting paid.

Before repairs can be made on pools where leaks occur, accurately identifying where the leaks are will expedite the process with as little destruction as possible. Don’t dig or strap on flippers and air tanks to find leaks. Minimize damage, expense and time spent making repairs by finding the leak with LeakTronics Pro Complete Leak Detection Kit.

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Leak Detection work is recession proof. Every pool will eventually have a leak and customers are going to call for properly trained and equipped technicians who can solve their problems. You can be the call they make to find a professional who can find their leaks fast. Online Swimming Pool Leak Detection Training and Certification Course covers all the methods of leak detection, use of equipment and gives recommendations on how to run a successful and profitable leak detection business. Adding services to your current business model? LeakTronics certification training program can train the entire shop! See what it entails below. You’ll be prepared to perform your first leak detection in as little as a week.