I get calls from Plumbers in Florida often who tell me that they don’t have a shut-off on the house and they’ve got no idea where the pipes lay between the meter on the street and the home itself. For this, we offer the PG-2 Pulse Generator.

Any active line on the property has a water filled pipe that can carry sound. Not all pipes are metal, so using an electric charge to locate a pipe is futile and ludicrous. All water, however, carries sound. Injecting a pulsating thump into the pipe lets the water carry that thump through the pipe, and any active line attached to that pipe and guess what … you can hear it with LeakTronics Soil Probe, even 6-8 feet under those Florida lawns; really, under any lawn, driveway, sidewalk, patio or landscaping. We’ve got thousands of contracts who prove it every day!

The Pulse Generator has an internal battery that powers the Pulse Generator and sends a literal water-hammer back into the line it’s attached to. Either put the Pulse Generator onto an active hose Bibb or cut the line at the meter and attach a standard male hose-thread to the line. Turn the PG-2 on to start the device and as the water flows through it, the PG-2 sends a pulse back into the line for hundreds of feet. With a Soil probe, you can trace where the line runs, flag it and them perform a leak detection on the line because you know where you’re listening. It’s simple, use the PG-2 to find buried water lines fast, even PVC and plastic pipes. If it carries water, it carries sound.

LeakTronics Pulse Generator is available as the stand alone PG-2 that you can use with your own listening equipment, or as the PG-2 Complete, which includes the LT-1000 Amplifier, headphones and the Soil Probe, which will listen under any soft surface, and with it’s included disc plate attachment, under any solid surfaces.

Pulse. Listen. Detect. It’s easy with the PG-2.

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The PG-2 Pulse Generator Complete - find buried plumbing