Customers suffer from freezing basements and pipes that can freeze and break. Finding those leaks with accuracy lets plumbers make repairs fast so customers aren’t left out in the cold. Freezing Pipes Leak – Find Those Leaks Fast With LeakTronics Plumbers Leak Detection Kit.

Using the Plumbers Leak Detection Kit, identifying what pipe is leaking is easy using the Pipe Probe, found in the Plumbers Kit. Touching on valve handles under sinks and throughout the house will quickly identify the sound of a pipe vibrating from water escaping. Once the pipe is identified, isolation and sub-surface listening is going to tell the technician where the leak is so repairs can be performed with pinpoint accuracy.

No customer wants a major excavation, so minimizing the area where you have to break through a slab is going to reduce the time spent restoring the concrete, and will rapidly reduce the time spent making repairs and getting paid. Don’t dig unnecessarily playing with guesswork. Know where the leak is fast with the equipment in the Plumbers Kit.

Leaks make clearly audible noise when pressure is applied. Using a combination of air and water, technicians can create a boiling sound at the area where a pipe is cracked and that sound can be heard with LeakTronics Deck Plate and Pipe Probe when connected to the LT-1000 Amplifier. The LT-1000 Amplifier includes LeakTronics proprietary technology to decipher frequencies and deliver them with clarity to the technicians headphones. At it’s loudest point, a leak reveals it’s exact location and knowing where a leak is lets plumbing repair work happen fast.

The Plumbers leak Detection Kit includes a Soil/Pipe Probe for listening under dirt and landscaping, lawns and even solid surfaces. The Deck Plate in the kit has a wide surface that makes 100 percent contact with the surface, picking up even the smallest of sounds radiated from sub-surface leaks. The Soft Sided Listening Disc takes that listening technology and puts it into a soft surfaced device that lets users take tender cares on cabinetry, tile and easily damageable surfaces. The Press Rig is the users best friend, offering a controllable distribution of air and water into a line to create pressures that reveal where leaks are.

Don’t make guesswork out of leak detection. When customers suffer from the freezing damage of winter, they need repairs made fast to keep the water flowing where it’s supposed to. LeakTronics addresses the needs of plumbers and leak detection technicians with the equipment assembled into the Plumbers leak Detection Kit. Find leaks fast, make repairs and get paid for a job well done.

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