I got a call from an experienced leak detection technician talking about a situation he had where he couldn’t hear the leak. With a check of his equipment, every hydrophone was responding properly, the LT-1000 was working just fine but a known leak wasn’t presenting itself and the question was if the equipment failed. We determined it was a fluke, and that can happen.

When a leak occurs, the resistance of the pressure pushing through a crack causes the sound we need to hear. This is due to a combination of water moving through the crack and the weight of the water in the pool pushing it through. When you are in a higher water table, with less pressure, the sound is definitely going to be lessened.

cant hear the leak

This technician was in a skimmer. The lip where the basket sits flush in the skimmer had a small crack that was evident on sight and proven with a dye test. He could see the dye pulling through the crack. The skimmer had a couple of inches of water on it and he was sure it could be heard, but it simply didn’t create the sound he was looking for. Again, not an uncommon occurrence due to the circumstances.

LeakTronics hydrophones are extremely sensitive. An airplane overhead can cause a clear sound in pool water. Dogs running around can produce thumping when the mic is in the pool, but even a leak can elude a hydrophone when it simply isn’t creating a sound.

Ultimately, the technician was able to hear other leaks with the equipment, there wasn’t an issue with its capabilities, again, some leaks just don’t make a whooshing sound when pressure is low or they are close to the water line. For situations like this, we employ other methods to prove the leak. In this case, the crack was minor, and visible and proven with a small injection of dye. Job complete, repairs made and technician paid. A complete success.

If you’re a technician using LeakTronics equipment and you are questioning a leak, just call us in the office. At LeakTronics, we have dealt with everything you’re experiencing and we’ve circumvented issues with simple methods to determine leaks when they aren’t screaming. We can walk you through it. If in fact it is the equipment, we’ll get it in hand and make repairs with a same day turn-around. Just give us a call and let us know it’s on the way.

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