Don’t dig unnecessary trenches and holes to find buried plumbing. We’ve learned, especially overseas, there are a lot of plumbers who dig up entire lines to find leaks and locate buried lines. This doesn’t have to happen. LeakTronics has developed the PG-2 Pulse Generator to accurately find the precise location of lines under any surface. This includes dirt, concrete, landscaping, decking, asphalt – wherever pipes run.

The PG-2 is designed with line location in mind and provides a solution long missing from the retail market. Without vibrating, shaking or “thumping” the line, the PG-2 uses a gentle pulse that radiates throughout the fund in a line, and any lines attached to it. When using listening equipment, like the Soil Probe by LeakTronics, the user can hear the location of a pipe, flag it and know where it is when they perform their leak detection work. Once identified, a leak can be fixed by digging on the exact area where the leak is heard. This reduces expense, and the mess of digging holes to find buried plumbing and get to repairs.

The PG-2 attaches to any active spigot on the line in question. Turn on the water and press the button to activate the PG-2. You’ll hear the gentle click while the water is pulsated through the device. Each time it pulses, the sound of a heartbeat runs back through the line. It can be detected literally thousands of feet from the PG-2. By starting at the spigot and listening along the line, plumbers, irrigation techs and leak detection specialists can find buried plumbing and mark where pipes turn underground to map their layout for leak detecting, or for doing work on the property without disturbing the line.

The PG-2 is available as a stand-alone product and will work with your current leak detection listening equipment, even if it isn’t manufactured by LeakTronics. For those who want to upgrade their gear, LeakTronics offers a multitude of options and kits that work in specific disciplines. The Plumbers Leak Detection Kit includes a Soil Probe and Deck Plate to listen for leaks and the Irrigation Kit supplies professionals with the Soil Probe for finding irrigation lines and leaks, as well as the LT-1000 Amplifier, headphones, a pressure rig and the PG-2 Pulse Generator.

If you’re just looking to locate buried pipes and plumbing lines, the PG-2 Pulse Generator Complete Kit includes the Soil Probe and LT-1000 Amplifier with headphones to hear the pulse from the PG-2 and to map and trace plumbing anywhere it lies.

Learn more about the accurate listening technologies manufactured and warranted by LeakTronics and the training LeakTronics offers for plumbing leak detection at or get more information by calling 818-436-2953.