When it comes to swimming pool leak detection, only the most robust and accurate leak detection equipment will do. It’s vital for such equipment to make the process of leak detection faster and easier. The newest item in the LeakTronics Leak Detection Equipment group is the HydroDome, an audio-based tool designed to isolate and detect leaks.

What is the HydroDome?

The LeakTronics HydroDome is designed to attach to a standard pool pole to isolate a light, main drain, side suctions, return lines, etc.  When holding the listening Dome against a light, if a leak is present, the user will be able to hear the sound of water passing through the microphone chamber identifying that there is a leak at the isolated area.

The HydroDome can also be used to perform the same test on dual drains.  The Listening Dome is placed over the first drain and the weighted HydroDome seals off the second drain.  If water is heard passing through the Listening Dome, this positively identifies a leak in either drain.

LeakTronics HydroDome

The HydroDome Design

Ergonomic design is key when creating tools to pinpoint leaks in pools. The HydroDome’s pivoting design allows a single user to listen for potential leaks without back-breaking work.

The HydroDome seal also features a neoprene gas injected gasket which allows for rough or uneven surfaces. This is particularly helpful for textured or uneven pool surfaces. The HydroDome is plugged directly into the LT1000 Amplifier making it the perfect addition to the Pro Complete Leak Detection Kit, the VILO Leak Detection Kit, the Pro Kit, or any of the kits that include the LT-1000 Amplifier.

LeakTronics HydroDome

The HydroDome also boasts a number of other features, including:

  • A pivoting head to use the HydroDome on the floor drains as well as on walls.
  • Can be used on single or dual drains.
  • Attaches to a pool pole for complete control.
  • A neoprene gas injected gasket allows the unit to sit flush on uneven surfaces.
  • LeakTronics sensitive listening equipment built in.
  • A two-year limited warranty.
  • Unlimited and dependable LeakTronics customer support.

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The HydroDome Add On is an excellent product to add to your arsenal of LeakTronics leak detection tools. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about the HydroDome and how it can benefit your business.