We are always happy to help students learn more about how we use today’s technology in LeakTronics’ state-of-the-art leak detection equipment. Recently, engineering students from Pepperdine University visited the LeakTronics Los Angeles facility.

LeakTronics Leak Detection Equipment

LeakTronics Founder and CEO Darren Merlob guided the students and their professor on a tour of the workshop. Students saw how LeakTronics leak detection equipment is manufactured and how innovative thinking and technology are put to use.  The students asked questions which we were happy to answer.  At LeakTronics, we believe that it’s vital for upcoming engineers to get acquainted with new ideas and methods to locate water leaks and how today’s technology is implemented in leak detection components.

Darren discussed the leak detection industry’s best practices and shared professional tips on locating leaks.  In addition to enlightening our visitors to new methods and techniques through our leak detection equipment and training courses, our goal at LeakTronics is to do everything we can to provide contextual information that could be useful for students in their future careers. Darren also provided numerous stories from his extensive career of over 30 years in the swimming pool, plumbing, and irrigation industries.

Pepperdine University Engineering Students Visit LeakTronics

Torque Lock Structural Crack Staples

While touring the LeakTronics facilities, students also got to learn the difference between Torque Lock’s patented staples for structural crack repairs and the competitors’ staples with a side-by-side comparison. With Torque Lock’s Stitching Method and controlled compression, structural cracks are permanently repaired. When it comes to structural crack repair and the various methods available for repair, it’s important to understand exactly how Torque Lock Staples work and how they differ from competitors’ staples.

Pepperdine University Engineering Students Visit LeakTronics

LeakTronics Leak Detection Training Opportunities

While the Pepperdine University students’ visit was fantastic, we also understand that many aspiring leak detection specialists need somewhere to start which may not include college. That’s why we’re proud to offer several online leak detection training courses, the Plumbers Leak Detection Training Course, the Swimming Pool Leak Detection Training Course and the Irrigation Leak Detection Training Course.

Begin learning the art of locating leaks and train on your time when it’s convenient for you. You’ll be ready to accept any client call using LeakTronics’ Online Training platform.  Learn the art of leak detection and get insight into running a profitable leak detection business.

You’ll have access to document downloads, reporting options, and different ways to improve customer service with this training. If you own a company, you can utilize our workshop to teach your employees how to accurately perform complete leak detections. To learn more, contact LeakTronics today and we’ll set you up with your leak detection training course.

At LeakTronics, we’re excited to be able to inspire a new generation of leak detection inspectors and engineers and wish our Pepperdine visiting students much luck and success in their future careers!