Here’s how LeakTronics supports an international plumber in his dream of becoming Guatang, South Africa’s leading provider of leak detection services.

LeakTronics is Supporting International Plumbers and Leak Repair Professionals

At LeakTronics, our goal is to become a global provider of leak detection equipment and a source of information and knowledge for future leak detection professionals. That’s why we always take the time to support international plumbers and small business owners.

Welcoming J.H. Erasmus of Guatang, South Africa!

Our most recent international trainee is J.H. Erasmus of Guatang, South Africa. J.H. initially began talking to the team at LeakTronics back in January 2020. J.H. was interested in LeakTronics’ plumbing and leak detection equipment, as well as our LeakTronics Leak Detection Training Courses. So, he got in touch to learn more about the methods of leak detection.

We took the time to get in touch with J.H. on several different occasions when he needed additional information on what LeakTronics had to offer in the realm of swimming pool and plumbing leak detection. J.H. was dedicated to becoming the next go-to expert for leak detection in Guatang. 

Our team recommended the right equipment (such as our Swimming Pool Leak Detection Kit and Pro Complete Leak Detection Kit) and worked closely with J.H. to build the right custom kits for his unique needs.

Now, J.H. is performing plumbing leak detections successfully and making good money for providing high-quality services. We’re glad that J.H. chose to use LeakTronics Plumbing Leak Detection Equipment. Our products make it possible to detect leaks in plumbing, pools, and irrigation systems alike.

If you need help becoming a leak detection pro, our technical support and training course experts are ready to help!

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