At LeakTronics, we understand the value of philanthropy and the use of our business as a means to make the world a better place. Our founder and CEO Darren Merlob is honored to be able to contribute to the Mending Kids International Hike 2 Mend fund. The LeakTronics family is proud to support Mending Kids International.

What is Mending Kids International?

Mending Kids International is a nonprofit organization that provides surgeries to children around the globe, all while training local medical students and communities to become more self-sustaining. Established in 2006, Mending Kids International has since helped thousands upon thousands of children in over 54 countries get the surgeries they need and fight life-threatening illnesses. This is why LeakTronics is proud to support Mending Kids International

What is Hike 2 Mend?

Inspired by the journey that a parent often has to take to get surgical care for their child, the Hike 2 Mend fundraiser is an active and interactive way to support children in need. Individuals and organizations can donate directly to the fundraiser, earn community service, or record their hikes via their smartphone device and share their trek on Facebook and Instagram through the Hike 2 Mend hashtags #hike2mend and #iammendingkids.

The Mending Kids International Team sent us a beautiful message recently:

“Thanks to your contributions we are able to give children around the world critical surgical care and provide quality, personal training to local surgeons in developing countries, so they may care for their local children in the future. We are also able to perform much-needed surgeries on children here in the United States through our Hometown Mission Programs because of donors like you.

It is a special person who helps a child they will likely never meet. We are grateful for your generous support.” – Mending Kids Team

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At LeakTronics, we care about supporting charities. In addition to Mending Kids International, we also support Camp del Corazon, Special Spaces, the Miami Foundation, Gift of Life Los Angeles, and more. We understand that a business is more than just the goods sold and services provides. More and more consumers want to support businesses that give back to their communities.

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