One of the charities we donate to is the Miami Foundation. Established in 1967, The Miami Foundation is the foundation for people who are passionate about Miami. They have partnered with individuals, families and corporations who have created more than 1,000 personalized, philanthropic Funds. Thanks to them and their generosity, the Foundation has awarded over almost $300 million in grants.

We received a letter in June that reads:

Dear Darren Merlob,

Thank you for your gift from LeakTronics to help the Kids Smiling Fund at the Miami Foundation. Your donation supports important work and advances the civic change we collectively look to see.

We are privileged to partner with Staci Ehrenkrantz, who established the Keep Kids Smiling Fund, allowing is to leverage our collective knowledge and resources for a greater impact than any of us could make alone.

On behalf of our board of trustees and staff, I share my gratitude for your commitment to building a better community for everyone.


Janell Kaplan
Senior Director of Development.

As you consider charities that your company, or family, will donate to. Please look at the benefits of The Miami Foundation here: