Even with the best leak detection training possible, a top-notch plumbing camera is necessary for detecting small leaks. Luckily, plumbing camera technology has evolved quite a bit in recent years.

When we first began with the Hand Held Video Pro, one of our first offerings at Leaktronics, the original camera could turn ninety degrees in 2.5-inch pipe elbows. Additionally, delivering very high-resolution sight in pipes that are barely over two inches was innovative at the time. However, our camera technology for plumbing has continued to evolve.

Newest Camera Technology

The Hand Held Video Pro 1.5 is the newest upgrade to our original model and takes all of the best aspects of the original HHVP. Also, it adds in the ability to navigate through 1.5-inch pipe elbows with ease.

While the HHVP 1.5 is impressive, plumbing camera technology and pool leak detection have continued to evolve further. Sometimes, it can be difficult to identify a leak in a line, especially if that leak is small. Even with top-notch cameras, it can be impossible to detect leaks in pipes and plumbing or a pool leak. This is where the Cam Vac comes in.

The Cam Vac is a non-invasive tool used to locate leaks in all types of plumbing. Through the use of controlled vacuums, plumbing professionals can identify sneaky and difficult-to-find leaks in pipes. Lastly, the Sonde Technology addition to the Cam Vac’s camera makes it as easy as possible to detect and pinpoint the smallest leak locations.

Helpful Resources

If you are interested in checking out our educational and free videos on leak detection equipment and tips on finding leaks, check out our LeakTronics YouTube channel. Also, if you are ready to see what else the world of plumbing technology has been releasing as of late? Take a look at our product offering at www.LeakTronics.com today!