So you think you’ve got a leak in your pool? You’ve seen a rise in the water bill, or maybe the pool or the spa looks like the water level is dropping? There is so much more than the potential that a small crack has appeared, or that a gasket is failing. Pools have intricate plumbing set-ups and none are the same – but they all share some common principals. Finding a leak in that pool environment requires a trained professional with the experience to know those common principles and to check them for the sings of leaks. They do it with the Pro Complete Leak Detection Kit from LeakTronics.

Using the equipment manufactured by LeakTronics, the leader in electronic listening equipment, professionals can accurately locate leaks in a pool or spa and they can do this non-invasively. Most often without having to dive into a pool; instead, professionals use highly sensitive hydrophones to hear where the leak occurs.

The weight of water pushing out on a crack, a pipe break or a leak can be easily identified by listening for it. The pressure of the water’s weight causes a whooshing sound as it tries to push out of the area of the leak. With 8+ pounds of pressure per gallon of water, a crack or separation is going to resist that water flow and the noise of that resistance is clearly audible with the equipment professionals use in the pro Complete leak Detection Kit from LeakTronics.

LeakTronics trains and equips service pros and it’s likely you’ve got a LeakTronics user near-by. Visit and search the map in your area. Pool professionals, Plumbers, Restoration pros and general handyman contractors all trust in LeakTronics to accurately identify leaks fast. Call and ask about non-invasive leak detections for your pool when you think you’ve got a leak.