In this video we want to show you a job we performed at a Pool/Spa Combo, but more-so, we want to discuss the language you need to include in your service contract. It’s important to relate everything about the job you’re going to perform to the client before you start work, and make sure it’s in the contract.

When we go to a job and we survey the situation, we often discover items that weren’t discussed on the telephone. This might include an added spa, or shear descent that wasn’t spoken of when they customer called about their leak. Sometimes you might forget to ask if there are wireless controls, or get to the pool and discover it has a self-cleaning floor system, three skimmers or a kiddie pool and a splash pad. This is going to increase the cost to do your job, and you want to let the customer know that it’s an increase in cost and if you told them a firm price to do the work on the phone – you’re essentially screwed when it comes to getting paid. Don’t quote a total price when they call.

There is always a chance you’ll find the one and only leak on a job on the first go-round, but there is a likelihood that after you find and fix one leak, there will be another, or simply more pool to check after you found that first leak fast. A customer might already be aware that they have a pipe separation and they’re convinced that the leak issue is caused by that. A complete leak detection, which is the only option you should be providing, might discover the crack they ignore is also leaking. They might not think that the spa missing two return fittings isn’t an issue because they’re convinced the pipe separation is the problem. Just know, if you settle on that one issue and call the job closed, they’ll be calling back in a week saying you didn’t do the job properly and they are still losing water. You’re not going to get off easy charging them for a second leak detection when you didn’t do a full leak detection the first time.

If you’ve already set the price for the job, how happy is your customer going to be when you surprise them with an increase of cost or time to fix the second leak. It is important you include this in your contract, that if another issue is discovered during the process, the cost to repair issue number two will be added to the total cost of the repair. State it up front and if there are surprises, no one is going to balk about it.

This is part of what we discuss in the training modules of LeakTronics Online Training Platform. it’s not just the deep insights of how to use your equipment to accurately find leaks fast, but we talk about dealing with customers from the first phone call and throughout the entire process to getting paid and submitting your findings report. We equip you with what you need to get the job done right.

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