In this Episode of Turning Leak Detection Into Repair Work, we’re at a plumbing leak in a multi-unit building in Westlake Village, CA. The building is under construction for remodeling and the landlord suspects a leak as the water meter is spinning when the building is empty.

We arrived on the job and verified, in fact, that the meter was spinning when all faucets are off and no water is running, so we begin as we always do, by walking the property. We use our Pipe Probe and check all pipes, stub-ups and water outlets around the outside of the building. When we listening inside the building, we ultimately find that the only two water sources indoors are the two shared bathrooms.

While we typically wouldn’t have to listen to an upstairs leak, they are visible as water leaks through floors and walls from upstairs, we are walking the entire property to show you how we get the job done right. Enter the building, stay right, identify any pipes, plumbing or outlets where water would be brought in. Look for old or renovated offices that may have been bathrooms, look for sinks, drinking fountains, places where water may have been brought in for a refrigerator or other device. When we get to the downstairs bathroom, we can hear water running on the toilet valve.

We attached a Pressure Rig onto an active spigot on the back of the building and applied bursts of air into the pipe. As the air boiled out of the leak, we heard the exact location of the leak under the bathroom tile using the Deck Plate. We were able to mark the area that needs repair and during the restoration of the bathroom, the pipe will be fixed. Leak found, water loss stopped.

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