LeakTronics, the leader in leak detection equipment manufacturing, is proud to announce the release of the Pulse Generator. This tool from LeakTronics uses Acoustic Location Technology to accurately identify the location of all types of plumbing under any type of ground cover. It is available now through the LeakTronics online store.

Addressing issues that plague locating pipes when they stray from their source, LeakTronics has developed a tool that distributes a “pulse” of audible vibration that is guaranteed to transfer through any plumbing material. Where it is common for metal pipes to react at long distances when charged with traditional electric location methods, other resources including PVC, plastic and PEX do not carry the charge as metal pipes do, and therefore fail at revealing where plumbing lines are buried. The Pulse Generator offers a solution.

When attached to a water source, the Pulse Generator delivers a unique mechanical pulse that carries for up to 1000 feet through all types of pipe, including plastics. The Pulse Generator can be used to locate, map and trace supply lines, irrigation, well, fire, sprinklers, manufacturing and any other type of plumbing lines. When used with the standard location tools found in LeakTronics Leak Detection Kits, plumbers can identify, with extreme accuracy, the location of a pipe wherever it’s buried. This can be beneath soil, grass, landscape, concrete or asphalt, tile and other flooring or virtually any cover that makes seeing the pipe otherwise impossible.

By visiting the LeakTronics website at www.leaktronics.com, visitors can see videos and read more about the Pulse Generator, or view the tools found in a complete Pulse Generator Kit, including:

– LT1000 Amplifier – A leak detection amplifier that has been designed by LeakTronics to work with all LeakTronics components.

– Pipe Probe – The Pipe Probe (TM) is a rugged yet ergonomic tool designed to locate standard pressure or pressurized leaks in grass, rocks, or any type of porous material.  The Pipe Probe is a great tool for line location and above head systems and checking valves for leaks.

– Stand Pipe /w Control Valve – The stand pipe with control valve allows to user to control the percussion of the pulse generator.

– Pulse Generator – Adjusts the flow of water.

– Drain Hose – Discharges water away from your working area.

– Headphones – Classic over the ear headphones with volume control are provided with each kit.  Our headphones work in conjunction with the Bulldog Amplifier to provide noise reduction to eliminate background noise as much as possible.

– Carrying Case – Aluminum sided rugged carrying case with soft sided interior provides superior protection for all of your components.

– Unlimited Customer Support

– Two Year Limited Warranty