Pool Pro Jeff  Terranova doesn’t rely on calling a franchise company to handle his clients needs. From complete swimming pool inspections, including leak detections for commercial customers to deep insights and inspection reporting on pool health for residential clients; Jeff delivers the facts on every aspect of the pool with a 300 point inspection.

One key area Jeff delivers benefits for is the Real Estate Market. Whether buying or selling a home, if a pool is on the property, it is critical to know every aspect of the pool before taking the keys to the property. The buyer needs to know more than just if the equipment runs; a leaking pool can mean thousands of dollars of repair costs when not addressed, and the buyer is left taking care of the bill if they don’t demand a proper pool inspection with leak detection before agreeing to purchase the property. This is one place where Terranova Pool Inspection shines in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Jeff knows pools, but he wanted to deliver something more to his community. Something that benefits his neighbors both financially, as well as for their personal pleasures.

I started Terranova Pool Inspection in 2013. As a concerned homeowner, I was looking for affordable solutions to the problems I was facing with my own pool at the time. I created Terranova Pool Inspections to help other homeowners resolve the issues they may encounter with pool ownership.

terranova pool inspection

Jeff took his business to the next level. Acquiring the world’s leading leak detection equipment, manufactured specifically for the swimming pool industry, Jeff purchased LeakTronics Pro Complete Leak Detection Kit and trained on LeakTronics Swimming Pool Inspection with Leak Detection Online Training Course. Created by LeakTronics founder and CEO Darren Merlob, the course gave Jeff more than just equipment to find leaks, it offered the best methods of non-invasive leak detection with extensive training on how to identify any and all issues with a swimming pool, spa or water features within the pool environment. From safety issues to the equipment that makes the pool tick, Jeff knows how to identify what works, what’s wrong and can best address how to make repairs to maintain the safety and longevity of the pool.

Darren Merlob has more than 3 decades of experience providing the answers customers need, from pool construction to repair and leak detection on virtually every water bearing vessel ever made. Advising on some of the biggest and most elaborate pools, spas and fountain structures on the planet, both nationally and Internationally, Merlob is the authority on pools and provides his extensive experience to benefit those looking to work professionally in the swimming pool inspection field. (See www.CalTechPools.com)

Since completing his training and advancing his career with the equipment manufactured at LeakTronics, Terranova Pool Inspections has become the Santa Clarita Valley’s go-to solution for swimming pool owners in buying, selling or just maintaining their pools. learn more about Jeff and his services at https://www.terranovapoolinspection.com/ or call 661-607-5044 to book an inspection for your pool today.