There is simply nothing more important to maintaining you monthly water use bill than a proper leak detection, however, there are things you can do now to help the decision to get one. By identifying where water waste occurs can minimize water use and your monthly costs, as even the smallest undetected leak can add up over a short amount of time.

For your household, start here. Turn off all devices in your home that use water. This simply means, no faucets or showers running, turn off the laundry equipment, shut your sprinkler system, or do this at a time when nothing is being used. Go outside to the meter at the street where water enters your property and take a look at the meter. Is the little red triangle spinning? That means water is moving through the valve and exiting through your home plumbing system. If nothing is running, then water is leaking somewhere and it’s costing you money every second of the day. Call a professional who uses LeakTronics equipment for a fast and non-invasive leak detection that will pinpoint where the leak occurs and learn how to get repairs made now.

As for that sprinkler system. Turn it on, one zone at a time. Look at the sprinkler heads in zone that’s running. Are they all popping up and producing a strong spray of water? Are any staying low or does the line of sprinklers stop producing a strong spray halfway down the zone? Is one of the sprinkler heads just bubbling at ground level? Are you seeing puddling in an area where there isn’t a sprinkler head? All of these are signs that a pipe has broken or separated and water is leaking, most likely underground where you can’t see it. Call for a leak detection and let a professional diagnose the system and stop the costly water loss.

How is your pool functioning? While evaporation from the pool or spa will reflect a regular reduction in the level of the water, there is a point where it’s likely not evaporation, but actually a leak. Fill your pool to it’s proper level and make a small pencil line on a section of grout, or use a piece of tape to mark where the water sits when the pool is filled. Wait 24-48 hours and see where the water line is. has it dropped significantly, maybe an inch or more? That water loss will take a bite out of your wallet and ignoring it can lea to bigger repair issues if not addressed right away. Call a LeakTronics equipped professional to perform a non-invasive leak detection suing LeakTronics highly sensitive hydrophones and check the entire pool for leaks. Leaking can occur under the patio, and in places you simply don’t see. A trained and equipped professional can check those pipes under concrete without digging and can accurately identify where you’re losing water and make repairs. Start with a small mark to show the place where it should be and call a professional right away if you question how much water your losing.

At a time when water loss costs are really hiring homeowners, it’s better to know than to let it go. A proper leak detection can be performed on a pool in an hour or less, and an entire home and property leak detection can be completed in less than 2 hours when the contractor has the right gear to do it.

Visit and locate a LeakTronics equipped professional near you that can find your leaks and stop the costs of water loss today. For more information, call 818-436-2953.