The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals estimates an average of 10.4 million residential swimming pools in the US alone, and more than 309,000 public swimming pools in service.

Leaks happen!

With one in ten pools leaking right now, there are potentially more than 21 thousand pool owners, on average, waiting to turn in to leak detection customers in each state. Depending on what state you’re in, those numbers are easily tripled and with summer weather being here – pools are open!

Are you ready for business?

Running a leak detection business is easy with equipment and training from LeakTronicsLeakTronics listening devices are the most sensitive and innovative equipment in the industry and all equipment is manufactured in house. This allows LeakTronics to guarantee superiority in both quality and customer service. Founded by veteran pool service pro Darren MerlobLeakTronics leads the industry in leak detection equipment and professional training help to build your business and get paid.

Drop the mic!

It starts with literally dropping our pool scope mic into the pool. Our mic sensitivity and radius of listening picks up the sounds of a leak from anywhere in the pool. As you hone in on the leak’s location, our LT1000 Amplifier allows you to isolate the leak’s location and accurately pinpoint exactly where the leak is. Is it in a pipe? Our Pipe Mic can trace plumbing lines between equipment and the pool shell in lines from 1/2 inch to ten inches, as well as in skimmer lines, spa Venturi’s and anywhere that a leak is hiding in a pipe.

About the LT1000

LeakTronics LT1000 is the only phantom powered amplifier available in the leak detection marketplace. With the benefit of phantom power, LeakTronics mics pack an added level of listening sensitivity that goes far beyond other companies standard devices used to find leaks. To isolate leaks in modern equipment, LeakTronics has designed modern devices that get the job done effectively and quickly.

So how do you go from pool service to leak detection?

LeakTronics makes it easy. Train online with an in depth education in how to use LeakTronics equipment, how to professionally handle phone calls, deal with customers and provide the details of your findings to get paid for every job. We train leak detection specialists to be in demand! With 10 million pools in the US, there’s more work than you can do in a lifetime, but we’ll have you working tomorrow. It’s really that easy!

What do I need to get started?

Our entry level kit has everything you need to start detecting leaks. The $1840 Pro Kit comes packed with the power of our Pool Scope and Pipe Mic, powered by the LT1000 and ready to get your working. Once you own the LT1000, you’ve got the availability to add on any listening device LeakTronics manufactures. They’re all powered by the LT1000.

Surf on over and check it out!

Want to see the entire line of LeakTronics equipment and browse at your leisure? Have a look at the Hand Held Video Pro – this device lets you see inside the pipe and record what the customer can’t see from the surface. Sneak a peek at our FLASH Leak Locator. Find lines beneath patios and slabs with a long range cable and a sonic pulse that shows you just where the leak is underground. There are a plethora of options to get yourself geared up and to make your business run.


Take a look at online training too, just click the training link and learn how you can start finding leaks and growing your business today. All training options offer a package that includes the equipment you’ll see in the training modules. Learn today and start detecting leaks tomorrow. Of course, if you have any questions about what you see, call 818-436-2953 and just ask.