I can’t begin to tell you how many times I make a call and do not get to speak with a live person. Robot answering systems telling you to push this extension, or leave a message for someone during normal working hours, are being used more frequently and human interaction is becoming less and less. Is there an upside to this? Sure, probably saving money. But if you are really saving, you also have to be losing.

So what are you losing? The short answer is……Customers.

Live people want to be able to talk to live people! That’s the reason why they’re calling you! They need your services. Don’t become someone who allows your potential customer to get away because there is a robotic answering system taking the call. Ever wonder how many potential customers you may have missed due to not answering the phone? Now I’m sure that there are many people who leave messages, but out of those who have left messages, how many have already contacted another company….. a company that had someone answering the phone? I’m sure this happens frequently. I don’t know anyone who is in business to give money away, but that’s what happens. You may not intend for it to happen, but it does. The one who answers the phone gets the call. You wouldn’t want to buy a car without speaking with a live person, you’ll buy one from the dealership who answers and gives you the attention needed. It is the same in the service industry.

You’re busy and can’t get every call that comes in, I get it, but you may want to consider on your outgoing message, setting aside certain hours of the day when you’re able to call back. But even this choice leaves the person to contact someone else. A person on the other end of the phone will make up their mind whether they want your services or not within the first few minutes of the conversation. If you don’t answer the phone or take too long to get back to your customer, you’re customer is already looking up another company in your place.

In this day and age of technologically, advanced phones and computers, there is still one thing that you’ve got over machines………YOU ARE ALIVE! People want human interaction.

Isn’t it time you went back to doing business the old fashioned way? It’s as simple as answering the phone.