How does cutting-edge leak detection work with residential irrigation systems? Here’s the LeakTronics team that solved one SoCal homeowner’s problems as quickly as possible to lower their utility bills and protect their property. Read this article to learn more about the quick residential irrigation leak detection.

Diagnosing the Problem

Residential irrigation issues can have many causes. It’s essential to rule out any potential culprits — you can’t fix anything if you don’t know what you’re dealing with!

We took decisive action to uncover the problem. Our track record of successful jobs has taught us that isolation is everything. It seemed like a similar strategy would work here — and our hunch turned out to be correct.

After disconnecting the home from the main, we instantly confirmed the meter was still running. In other words, we had a leak.

Exploring the Issue

The next step was to zero in on the precise location of the leak. To start, we shut off the irrigation system. As we suspected it would, this caused the meter to stop. We now knew for certain that the leak was on the irrigation side of the system.

To find the exact failure point, we used a tried-and-true technique: walking the perimeter. We went around the exterior of the house while looking for signs and listening to everything possible.

Quick Residential Irrigation Leak Detection

Using the Right Tools for the Job

The Soil Probe and LT1000 Amplifier from the LeakTronics irrigation leak detection kit definitely came in handy for this task. With these tools, we were able to thoroughly inspect every inch of the home’s five irrigation zones.

From stub ups and bibs to valves and piping runs, we inspected as much as possible. After moving along the system, we discovered a valve that still had water flowing — we’d found the problem.

We didn’t stop there, however. Although most plumbers know isolation is key to residential irrigation leak detection, many make a critical mistake: assuming there’s only one leak. While that turned out to be true here, we inspected the whole property just to be sure.

Fix Leaks Faster With LeakTronics

After confirming we’d found all the issues, we repaired the faulty components in-house. Our methodology and specialist tools let us uncover the problem fast with minimal disruption to the property owner’s routine. No putting lines under pressure, no complicated hydrostatic testing — just smart, comprehensive detective work. Learn how our hydrophones and irrigation leak detection kits can help your business grow by reaching out to the team online. You can also watch detailed demonstration videos about irrigation leak detection on our YouTube Channel.