At LeakTronics, we do more than just manufacture the world’s most accurate and easy to use electronic water leak detection equipment; we provide leak detection services daily. Helping customers find hard to spot leaks and get repairs made to stop water loss is our mantra. We also share advice on leak detection.

We take phone calls daily from leak detection technicians, both who do use our equipment, and those who struggle with equipment from other manufacturers that they’ve had for years. When the discussion begins, it always comes back to basics. How much water is the pool losing, and what is the circumstance when it goes.

Pools come in all shapes and sizes, and have different system configurations that make the pool operate. Some technicians are facing equipment set-ups they’ve never encountered and they look for advice on leak detection. That’s when they call Darren Merlob, the CEO and founder of LeakTronics and owner of CalTech Pools.

Darren has been providing expert solutions for swimming pools for more than 30 years. What began as a service route in Southern Florida grew into a replastering service, a repair company and ultimately – a globally distributed line of patented professional leak detection equipment that contractors trust daily to get the job done right.

Finding leaks in the past often required diving into pools and using dyes to see if water was bring pulled into fittings, cracks and vinyl liners. Where these methods of leak detection fell short of discovering the precise locations of leaks, the end result often led to invasive techniques that caused even more damage to see leaks and get the repaired.

Leaktronics Pro Complete

With modern science and technology, Darren was able to develop highly sensitive microphones that listen for the sound of leaks from inside the pool. Without diving into the water, a technician uses these microphones to hear the sound made from the weight of water pushing out of a leak. Where water escapes through fittings, skimmers, drains and suction ports, lights and structural cracks – these “hydrophones” accurately identify the place where water is escaping. Powered by the LT-1000 Headphone Amplifier, a technician can find the prices location of a leak and recommend, or make repairs.

Expanding on the ability to perform non-invasive leak detections, Darren Merlob assembled the most extensive knowledge of leak detection using the equipment he designed and built an online platform that instructs technicians on how to get the job done while providing fast and professional services for customers. Training and certifying technicians around the world and equipping them with a leak detection kit that finds leaks in pools, pipes and plumbing, underground and more, thousands of professionals have built solid careers in leak detection with LeakTronics training and equipment, and have launched their careers for less that $5000.

LeakTronics equipment offers a professional solution for contractors who provide swimming pool, residential and commercial plumbing and irrigation leak detection services. The arsenal of leak detection equipment includes the patented FLASH System that locates leaks in pipes and plumbing underground, powerful DeckPlates and Soil Probes for hearing leaks in buried lines, the PG-2 Pulse Generator for locating lines wherever they lay and cameras with sonde technology that see damage inside pipes and tell the user where that damage is underground to reduce the need for excavation to make repairs.

When it comes to repairing structural cracks in concrete, shotcrete, gunite pools and solid concrete structures like sea walls, foundations and fountains, Darren created the patented Torque Lock Staple. The only device on the planet to provide a post-tension controlled compression to a structural crack, the Torque lock Staple has become the industry standard for repairing structural cracks permanently. It’s one of the many solutions provided by LeakTronics and founder Darren Merlob to ensure that water loss tops, and customers don’t waste time trying to get to repairs.

Now is the time to learn about how LeakTronics can enhance your business or create an opportunity for you to have a successful career in leak detection and repair services. Visit these links to learn more about the solutions that will make your business boom or to get advice on leak detection careers.

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