When performing leak detections, structural cracking is a key thing to look at for leaks. They occur often up under bond beams, behind tile lines and even running down pool walls – but they aren’t always visible, and when they’re above the water line, they won’t make a noise. You have to keep your eyes open!

A lot of times you’ll find signs of bond beam breaks on patios, in the coping or in other areas where a PoolScope or a Pipe Mic aren’t used. Take a look at this patio and you can clearly see issues that are due to a structural default.

Signs of a beam break

Follow those breaks to see where they go. They most likely didn’t start up on the deck, but they formed on the deck as a result of a bigger problem.

In the video below, we’re showing you a pool that cost literally millions of dollars to build. it’s the size of a football field! During our inspection, we found a lot of mistakes, but from that cracking we saw first in the deck, we followed it to a severe structural crack that wrapped around an entire section of the pool, and it’s going to cost a bit to be repaired.

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