We recently got a call from Derek Reidhead with Reidhead Plumbing and Solar from Phoenix, Arizona. He provided us with a LeakTronics Equipment and Reporting Application review.

LeakTronics Equipment and Reporting Application review

Derek had a leak in a fiberglass pool that other companies weren’t able to locate.  He purchased the LeakTronics online Swimming Pool Leak Detection Training with the Pro Complete Leak Detection Kit and listened for any leaks using the Pool Scope.  At first, Derek heard nothing at the return lines, main drain, light, or skimmer.  Then, he moved on to check for pipe leaks using the static test cones which didn’t pull dye, which means if there is a leak, it is not there.  Derek decided to contact our technical support team where we advised him it wasn’t necessary to perform pressure testing on the lines if there was no positive pull when using the Static Testing Cones.

We asked if he checked the shell or if he saw any visible cracks in the fiberglass pool.  His answer was that there was a crack at the step area but he didn’t believe it was leaking.  The only area he heard any type of drip was at this area on the steps.  Using the Pool Scope again at the crack in the fiberglass shell that was previously repaired with epoxy, he was able to determine it was in fact leaking when the area was dye tested and got a positive pull.

LeakTronics Equipment and Application Review

LeakTronics Reporting App

The leak was located using visual inspection and without being invasive. Our technical support is provided when contractors need it the most, at the job site. Derek was also relieved as he had the ability to write the report from the job site. using our new LeakTronics Leak Detection App. He says: ” The app is great, I love it!”

Work smarter, not harder using LeakTronics leak detection equipment, training courses, and reporting app for both iOs and Android. For more information, contact us at info@leaktronics.com or 818.436.2953.