LeakTronics leak detection equipment has proven itself to be the industry standard and the easiest, most accurate way to pinpoint a leak in a pool, pipeline or irrigation system.

Here are some tips to remember when detecting a leak.

  1. Going back to the basics.  It’s important to not overlook the obvious.  Check all visible, areas and those which are most common to leak, fittings, joints, valves, etc.
  1. Tuning Out. It’s important to filter out background noise.  With our LT1000 amp you are able to greatly reduce or eliminate background noise.  This allows locating noise created by the leak easy which helps you to focus on pinpointing the leak.
  1. Enhance The Sound.  When possible, pressure test the leaking line and use the LeakTronics DeckPlate or Soil Probe to Pinpoint the leak.  Pressure testing using a combination of air and water creates a distinctive noise at the location of the leak.
  1. Fact Gathering Before Arrival. Ask as many questions as possible.  Find out what you can from your customer.  By asking questions during the initial phone call with your customer, you can find out a lot of information which in turn, can give you a starting point or some idea of what may be happening.
  1. The Power of Technology. Using advanced technology in our leak detection components has created a non-invasive strategy to pinpoint leaks.

As technology changes and advances, we will continue to use the most innovative technology available in all of our Leak Detection Equipment.