In this article, we’re taking a look at using the powerful listening capability of the PoolScope to hear the sound of a leak behind a spa wall . The PoolScope is a hydrophone, a microphone designed to work in water, and it is the go-to piece of equipment we use in all swimming pool leak detections. The PoolScope is included in the Pro Kit, the Pro Complete Kit and the VILO Vinyl Liner Leak Detection Kit. It’s the first device all swimming pool leak detection professionals use to find leaks fast in pools, spas and water bearing vessels.

It’s proven that 95% of all leaks in a pool occur within a three foot radius of the pool shell itself. The reasoning is understood easily by the placement of pipes and plumbing in the pool, and the potential that earth or the pool shell can shift and move, causing those pipes to separate or become damaged. With this knowledge, we also know that the PoolScope can hear noise, through concrete, and distances easily equal to three feet, and for this leak detection we performed, it proved it.

We had a leak in the trunk line around this spa. We were able to confirm this with a static line test, but making repairs would involve breaking concrete, and we aim to be as minimally invasive as possible when making repairs. Identifying precisely where the leak occurs is our goal, and we are accurate with the methods and techniques we use, and that we train users to do in LeakTronics Online Swimming Pool Leak Detection Training Course.

We used pressure in the line to create the sound of the leak. As the pressure is pushed against the area where the crack is in the pipe, that resistance causes a whooshing noise as the water tries to rapidly escape. The sound of this noise tells us where the leak is. Of course, as we approach the area, the level of the sound increases, telling us we are closer to the epicenter of the leak, it hones in on just where the repairs need to be made, and reduces time spent digging an entire line to repair a small area of it.

For inside of the spa, we listened along the wall and heard it loud and clear. Check out this video to see how we got the job done.

At LeakTronics, we are more than just the leading manufacturer or professional leak detection equipment. Our service arm performs leak detection and repair daily and we have trained thousands of professionals around the world to perform leak detections and run successful businesses providing leak detection services.

You can learn the art of leak detection, and pick-up the trade skills to become the go to leak detection service in your own community. Training is done online, and training packages include the pro Complete leak Detection Kit to get the job done right. In as little as a week, you can go out and perform your first leak detection and get paid.


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