The CamVac is a revolutionary leak detection tool using vacuum to find leaks. By inserting a pipe camera into the line and applying a controlled vacuum to the line, the CamVac System allows users to see the severity of leaks and damage from inside the pipe itself. with a fluid filled line, or even an empty line that has saturation surrounding the pipe, the CamVac pulls from outside the pipe and introduces air, saturation, dirt, mud roots or whatever is outside the pipe to the view of the camera.

With the CamVac, identifying both the leak, and the location of the area to be repaired, is easy. A complete CamVac system from LeakTronics includes a pipe camera and the vacuum system for creating the visual leak. The CamVac System itself, however, will work with your current pipe camera set-up. See the video below to learn how it’s done, and the benefit it has to your leak detection services.

Using Vacuum to Find Leaks is a revolutionary way to see leaks, identify their location and make repairs with non-invasive methods. LeakTronics offers detailed explanation of use and the benefits of adapting vacuum to your leak detection arsenal of equipment at the brand YouTube Channel.

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