In this video on Using Vacuum To Find A Leak In Underground Plumbing, we’re showing Plumbers how we precisely locate leaks in Plumbing Lines using the CamVac System and a Hand Held Video Pro Camera from LeakTronics plumbing leak detection equipment kits. This video shows using it on an empty line. We’ve removed the water from the pipe.

Finding leaks from inside pipes can be harrowing when using a pipe camera. There are multiple things that can hide a break, including blue and black glue, fittings and joints and dirt, patina and discoloration. Simply looking at the pipe doesn’t always reveal where a crack is. By drawing the saturation surrounding the pipe in through the break, we can clearly identify where it is and mark it’s location for repairs.

We start with the pipe isolated. It is plugged on the far end and we put the CamVac on the end where we will insert the camera. This means the pipe is sealed and can hold the vacuum we apply.

We insert the camera of our Hand Held Video Pro 1.5 Camera, (though you can use your own camera) and run it to the full extent of the pipe we’re looking at. Then we put on the rubber stopped; this makes a vacuum seal. With the camera inside the pipe, we apply a controlled vacuum, just 1 or 2 pounds. This draws the saturation around the pipe into the pipe through the crack. We’ll see it easily with the camera as we pull it back through the line.

The CamVac is revolutionary, and it finds breaks, cracks, holes and separations fast! Learn more about the CamVac, and the CamVac with the Hand Held Video Pro Standard or the Hand Held Video Pro 1.5 Camera here or call 818-436-2953 to get more information, place orders or get answers to questions about the CamVac.