There is no harder leak detection than to perform one on a swimming pool that isn’t actually leaking.

Here’s a pool in Woodland Hills we were called to perform a leak detection on. Arriving on the job we discovered that the deck had been cut, pipes had been exposed and the job had already been worked on by another service provider with no positive results. We performed a thorough leak detection, we watched the pool over the course of three days and did multiple tests to prove a leak. In the end, we determined there was no leak in the pool.

In our training, we teach a 45 minute rule. If you have performed a proper leak detection and after 45 minutes, still haven’t found a leak, consider all other elements that could be showing water loss. it could be a bad check valve running water to waste. It could be user error, or a multitude of other things that cause water loss, but not actually be due to a leak in the pool itself.

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