In this episode of Turning Leak Detection into Repair Work, we came up on a pool that had an undisclosed autofill system and it made two other companies believe the pool wasn’t leaking. The homeowner had purchased the home and was never made aware that the pool had a leak and was losing water. The previous homeowner took the expense of installing an irrigation system on the pool to maintain the water level instead of just making the repair.

The homeowner’s pool guy informed the homeowner that keeping the salt level balanced in the pool was an issue, he suspected a leak was happening, but the pool level never dropped. Two other companies took the job and concluded that the pool was in fact, not losing water. They were wrong.

When we got to the pool, we noticed two things that caught our attention. The first was that there was an irrigation timer set up on the pool. The only reason for that is to Auto Fill the pool, so that’s a first glaring issue. Why does a pool need to be heavily filled with an irrigation timer. The second thing we noticed was that water was pooling around the area where the child barrier was inserted into the ground. Water finds its own way out, and the fact it was trying to surge from beneath the concrete means somewhere, there is a leak.

We performed a proper leak detection, listening throughout the entire pool, and we did hear the leak inside of a return fitting. To back ourselves up, we applied bursts of air and water to create the sound of the leak and we listened in the suspect area using the DeckPlate in our Pro Complete Leak Detection Kit. We found it right away.

The moral here is that when you perform leak detections, you have to keep your eyes open! There are always undisclosed repairs and attempts to hide leaks that without the right knowledge and training, will simply go unnoticed and leaks will continue to cause water loss as a result.

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