Leaks in a yard line are often confusing and they can be expensive if you let them sit. All those pipes are sub-surface and it can be a guessing game when you speculate on what’s causing the leak. The longer a line is running to your home, the more water it displaces into your yard, and water can spread, so identifying the leak by sight is virtually impossible. Water damage can lead to sinking soil, pipe dislocation and even structural damage when left to its own devices. Are you seeing sings you have a leak in a yard line? It’s time to get a leak detection!

yard line leak

Some homeowners will notice a rise in their water bill. Even small line leaks can reveal more water waste than you’d think, and it’s more than enough to show on a water bill. The main line to your house can waste a tremendous amount of water, and because it’s on your side of the meter, you’re going to pay for that water, even if you aren’t using it. Fixing it fast will do more than just save you money today, it will save you expense on increasing damage that comes with ignoring it over time.

There are times that moisture will begin to accumulate where it doesn’t belong. Where pipes are supposed to provide a closed system, only letting the water out at faucets and fixtures, leaks can introduce moisture and humidity in places where the leak isn’t. Inside walls and cabinets, dampness under floors – this can all happen with a main line leak and will all cost money if the leak is ignored.

Have you ever heard water running when there isn’t water running? Well, a leak is just water running and you can hear it. You know those times your toilet tank had a bad seal on the flap and you heard it refilling? That kind of water noise may also present itself when water is running out of a pipe leak. You shouldn’t hear water moving through pipes unless you’ve opened a faucet. If you hear it, it very well could be a leak.

An obvious sign of yard line leaks would be puddles in the yard. Sometimes you’ll see them around a sprinkler head, and those may be easy to diagnose and repair, but those buried lines can let water run along the pipes and puddles can form feet away from the leak. Before starting to dig through mud and potentially tear up the yard without actually finding the source of the leak, call a LeakTronics equipped leak detection professional and find the precise area where leaks occur so you can make repairs fast.

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