Buying a home comes with liabilities, and one of them that’s often overlooked is the swimming pool. Insurance typically doesn’t cover issues with pools and when you buy it, you own it. Know first-hand what you’re getting into with a simple leak detection or a swimming pool inspection. Remember, a pool that hasn’t had a leak detection isn’t inspected. Don’t rely on a home-seller’s word for pool inspections.

A lot of home inspectors rely on a visual inspection of a pool to verify that its sound. A visual inspection will tell you if there is a puddle of water around the equipment, and it might tell you that on sight, some of the plastics protruding through the pool walls are broken or need repair, however, if a pool is losing water due to structural cracks, small leaks around fittings or inside the pipes that run underground – you won’t know by looking at it. A home seller can throw a hose into a pool and fill it before you arrive and the pool will look fine. A week after you buy the house, the water could drop 10 inches and guess who’s liable for it … you are.

Leak detection technicians who use LeakTronics leak detection equipment have the most accurate tools in the industry for finding leaks anywhere in the pool. By simply dropping LeakTronics PoolScope hydrophone into the water, they can hear where water is escaping from the pool and they can identify what needs repair and even price out the job. You don’t have to guess and hope for the best, you can know in an hour what you’re buying and feel good about it.

LeakTronics equipment is designed with the latest technology and the proprietary phantom power LT-1000 Amplifier boosts the sensitivity and listening potential in all of LeakTronics equipment; allowing for pinpoint leak locating, regardless of how big or small the leak is. Even a tiny leak behind a return fitting can cause extensive water loss and that’s an expensive proposition that could easily be avoided with a simple leak detection.

Don’t fear being left out in the cold with a leaking pool. Visit and see the professionals who use LeakTronics equipment near you. Many fo the professionals on the map have also trained in the non-invasive methods of leak detection with LeakTronics and can perform leak detections without digging, without diving into your pool and without the hassle of waiting weeks for answers. Before you buy a home with a swimming pool, have it inspected and have a proper leak detection performed. It’s the only way to guarantee you’re buying a home with a pool that doesn’t leak.

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