Check this out! In the video below, we’re using LeakTronics CAMVAC System, and we are applying controlled vacuum – yes, the reverse of pressure – and we’re identifying the precise location of a leak in an empty pipe using a camera.

While we have shown video using the CamVac on a water/fluid filled line, it this video, we are showing the power of vacuum to discover a leak in an empty line. The pipe has been evacuated, there is nothing in the pipe. We installed our CAMVAC rig on the end of the isolated pipe, plugging the far end of the pipe, and created a sealed system. Running the camera fully through the line and inserting the rubber stopper, we have created a virtually airtight pipe. Now we can apply the vacuum and detect leaks in reverse.

The small, controlled amount of vacuum we apply (2-3lbs) is drawing from the saturation surrounding the empty pipe. The vacuum will pul in water, mud, dirt, roots; it all gets drawn into the vacuum and reveals the offending area where the crack has taken place. As you draw the camera backward through the pipe, you’ll see the burst coming through the break and you’ll be able to identify the area where repairs need to take place.

Have a look:

The CAMVAC System includes the pump that controls the vacuum through the line and can, with an addition to the package, include the Hand Held Video Pro 1.5 Camera, or the Standard Hand Held Video Pro Camera for 2.5 inch lines and up. All packages are shipped directly from LeakTronics to your location and include leakTronics 2 year limited warranty for repairs.

For any questions, or to place orders with a representative from LeakTronics, call 818-436-2953 or send an email to

View it here and start detecting leaks accurately with the CamVac.