Over the years, Steve Reid has spent a lot of money on leak-detection equipment. But in the end, he has found that LeakTronics technology works best for his needs.

That endorsement stems as much from the equipment’s accuracy and reliability as it does from the customer service that LeakTronics provides.

“Anytime I have a problem, they take care of it right away — no questions asked,” says Reid, owner of H2NO Leak in Miami. “That’s very important to my business. I always have backup equipment available in case something breaks down. But if a microphone or amplifier goes down, and I only had one, I’d be out of business until I got it repaired. The turnaround time on a LeakTronics repair is very fast. Most times they overnight me one to use while I send them the broken one.”

The F.L.A.S.H. model from LeakTronics that Reid uses includes a special dual microphone that serves as both a microphone and a sonde. For example, he puts the microphone into a pipe and when he hears the leak, he switches the microphone mode from amplifier to transmitter.

“It sends out a 512 megahertz signal,” he says. “Then I can use the hand-held signal locator from there.”

Reid says that about two-thirds of the time, the LeakTronics system will pinpoint the location of a leak. If it doesn’t work, he resorts to other leak-detection methods.

“It’s very accurate equipment,” he says. “It does exactly what it’s supposed to do. And it’s very easy to learn how to use it. But you have to take care of it — after all, it’s electronics.”