Problem: A plumbing contractor in Calabasas, California, was dealing with a situation where a pipe broke under a high-traffic area. According to the contractor, when working in high-traffic areas, there is only so much noise that can be filtered out when performing leak detections. The break was in a water main that ran between two buildings, but because of the high traffic, they weren’t able to pick up the sound of the leak with traditional testing and deck plate listening methods.

Solution: The contractor used the FLASH from LeakTronics Leak Detection Equipment. They inserted the FLASH mic all the way into the pipe, put the pipe under slight pressure and pulled back on the mic until they got right over the leak. When they isolated the location of the leak listening with the mic, the contractor plugged in the 512 Hz FLASH sender, distributing a pulse signal from the FLASH head. With the receiver, they located the signal coming from the FLASH head underground and marked the exact location of the leak under the parking lot. The unit works well in high-traffic areas because the mic is literally listening underground. It’s always quieter when working subsurface than when working directly on the surface, and the accuracy of the FLASH identifies leak noise precisely and transmits its location from depths up to 6 feet.

Result: After the leak was located, the pipe was repaired without incident. 818-436-2953;