A message from the LeakTronics Office:

To all of our Contractors using LeakTronics Leak Detection Equipment:  I’ve received a few thank you phone calls from our LeakTronics leak detection contractors who have received customers through our Contractor Locator database.  I’ve also received a few thank you emails from our contractors both domestically as well as abroad.  To all of our LeakTronics leak detection contractors, it is with great pleasure that we refer your services.  As I receive phone calls and emails from homeowners who are in need of leak detection services in your particular area, I will continue to refer those potential customers to you.

At LeakTronics we pride ourselves in creating top of the line leak detection equipment, providing new and current technology in our components, and providing top notch customer service to contractors as well as those homeowners in need of leak detection services.  As more and more contractors use our leak detection equipment, they too will be added to our database.  Below is the most recent email I received this morning:

We bought the leaktronics system through you guys a while ago. We had a customer find us on your site (which is great) however could you update our details.

Always Clear Pools N Spas
Rutherford 2320 NSW Australia

Upon receiving this email this morning, our office immediately made the necessary changes to our database.  At LeakTronics, it’s all about quality, simplicity, affordability, technical service by those in the industry and unsurpassed customer service.

Thank you for your emails and phone calls.  We’ll continue to refer you when possible, unless customers find you first!


Office Manager