I get calls from leak detection professionals in a lot of different industries, and they share stories about their work. Many have told me about digging up what builders have left behind, and it’s often surprising. These contractors are looking find the water leaks accurately so they don’t have to dig through other people landfill, trenching along pipes to find the leak. That’s when they use the PG-2 Pulse Generator.

One irrigation tech told me how he arrived on a property and didn’t know where the customers irrigation pipes ran. Some went under concrete, but most of it ran through the yard. Before he got the PG-2, he was left playing a guessing game and digging from where the pipe entered the ground to follow it across the lawn. It became a veritable treasure hunt.

After 5 feet, he found bottles, a shoe and a refrigerator door. The pipe literally ran underground, about three feet down, and under a refrigerator door that had been used as backfill in the lawn. Albeit the door was from a college-sized unit, but it was still there, and he had to dig it up to get to the pipe. The leak was another six feet beyond it, but without digging, he had no idea. That’s when he called for the PG-2. Now, he can map where the pipes run and he uses his soil probe to listen along those lines to hear just where the leak is and he doesn’t waste time digging a trench.

By creating a the gentle and highly audible pulse that the Pulse Generator injects through the water in the line, users can trace where lines run, flag their locations and know exactly where they are performing their leak detection listening without taking out a shovel. When the line is pressured and the sound of the leak is being made, simply listening along the markers, where the flags have been put, lets the technician literally listen along the pipe to find the leak, even if it’s under a refrigerator door.

Another tech, a pool service and leak detection pro told me that where he’s located, builders like to bury their board forms along the edge of the pool, rather than dispose of them on their own dime. He told me that when they have to dig alongside pools to follow where plumbing lines run, they find themselves taking out these discarded board forms to get next to the pool. What he needed was a way to listen along the pipe for a leak, but first, he needed to know where he was listening. He grabbed a PG-2.

We have properties that don’t look like the standard pool installations you see in contractor magazines,” Carl Redburn tells me. “When they pipe them, well, there’s simply no guarantee they’re going to be running where you think they are. The PG-2, however, tells me exactly where they are so I don’t have to play this digging game. I hate breaking concrete when I don’t have to, and worse than that, I hate finding something a builder left behind because he was lazy.

The PG-2 works with any listening equipment you have, and can also be purchased as a complete kit with the LT-1000 Amplifier and Ground Probe from LeakTronics. Finding pipes has never been easier and performing leak detections becomes accurate and precise when you know exactly where you’re listening.

Stop digging through mud and breaking up concrete just to find pipes. Use the PG-2 and get in and out of jobs faster. The PG-2 is available: HERE

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