Returning from Military Service and finding Business Opportunities For Veterans that provide financial stability in todays world is harder now than it has ever been. With businesses running at lessened capacity, employees working from home and some companies simply closing operations – getting the opportunity to apply the disciplines of service Military Veterans can offer is simply hard.

LeakTronics delivers an alternative that gets Veterans working, operating their own businesses and providing the financial needs their families deserve while working on their own schedule. The Leak Detection industry is one field that hasn’t reduced it’s demand during the Covid-19 pandemic. More-so, homeowners who have been at home have discovered leaks that cause water loss and increased costs in their homes. They are calling for service providers to find their leaks so repairs can be made. LeakTronics offers the equipment professionals use and the training to find leaks fast and to answer customer calls and get paid. It’s all provided online and costs less than $4000 to get the equipment and training needed to launch a career that is geared for success in your own community.

LeakTronics offers options for Online Plumbing Leak Detection Training or Online Swimming Pool Leak Detection Training. With explicit instruction on how leaks are found using the equipment in the leak detection kit trainees get with their enrollment; trainees are prepared to take work in as little as a week, and they have the trusted customer support of Leaktronics to answer any questions while performing the job.

All of LeakTronics equipment is manufactured by LeakTronics in their Southern California manufacturing facility and is warranted for repair should the user accidentally damage their gear. LeakTronics employees are trained in providing leak detection services and are available to answer questions by phone or email, even when the technician is on the job. Training is done completely online and includes hours of explanative video, case studies and even an extensive repair series library of content on the swimming pool side. Paperwork downloads for submitting findings reports and producing disclaimers and errors and omission reports are provided and marketing concepts and recommendations on growing a business are free to trainees to help them find success. Trainees take the course on their own time and have a forever access to the information.

Entrepreneurs and service providers around the world have taken advantage of the opportunities Leaktronics provides and have launched successful service businesses that provide long-standing careers. See them here:

To learn more about how you can enroll today and get the equipment that gets the job done fast, call 818-436-2953. Military discounts are available for our proud service men and women and we are here to answer all questions.