In this episode of Turning Leak Detection Into Repair Work, we have returned to the 4-Seasons Hotel Pool and Spa in Thousand Oaks, CA to make repairs on the leaking 4-inch pipe we identified coming through the control room wall.

In the previous episode/video, we showed the removed valve in the control room. This is how we accessed the pipe itself to locate the leak. We were able to identify the precise location of the leak using the hand Held Video pro 1.5 Camera with Sonde head, and now we needed to access that area behind the wall of the pool area to make repairs. The Hotel staff cut the wall so we could get inside.

Hearing It Behind The Wall

4-seasons - wall removal

Wall Removal

Once the wall was removed, we identified the precise area of the leak using the sonde locator and marked the area for repair. This is where we dug to find the pipe, and we were dead on target. It took a while to get down to it, digging is real work, but once we had it excavated, we were able to address the required repairs to stop the water loss and get the pool back into service.

4-seasons - marked for repair

Where we located the Camera Head

4-seaons - hole in the floor

Dug Up for Repairs

To best make repairs, we rerouted the pipe directly through the wall and tied it into the line in the control room. This allowed for the easiest repair to be made with the littlest amount of destruction to the concrete wall and floor. As the repair took place behind the wall, there was no need to create damage to the tile floor of the pool area. Once rerouted, the water flowed through a new valve we installed and was tied into the existing plumbing. The pool was returned to service, leak free.

4-seasons - new pipe

New Pipe Installed

4-seasons - through the wall

Tied Into Existing Plumbing