It is important to have a policy in place for performing leak detections.

Aside from manufacturing LeakTronics Leak Detection Equipment, I also own Caltech Pools.  Caltech Pools specializes in Leak Detection and Repair.  Our office receives numerous phone calls from homeowners who believe they have narrowed down a leak to a certain location or line.  Ultimately, they want to know if it is possible for us to perform a leak detection in only one area.  We most definitely can, but this is not the appropriate way to handle a call.  Homeowners think they are saving money but that’s not always the case.  They don’t have the technology or knowledge and are not in the leak detection business.  If they did, they would not be calling us with that question. Your policy should be thorough.  It should consist of  asking several questions and finding out as much information as possible.  You should inform your customer on how you locate leaks and the technology and methods you use.   You should also indicate you have an appointment policy.   A company who says “We’ll get out there this week” is not professional.    Give the customer a specific day and an approximate time frame indicating that your time is as valuable as theirs.    If you are checking a swimming pool, remember the pool has to be filled to the proper level in order to accurately detect a leak.   If the customer says they already drained the pool, all you are able to do is pressure test the lines.  What happens if all of the lines hold pressure?  The pool has to be filled to the proper level because it has to be leaking in order to find a leak.  Why? Because it could be at a light niche, light conduit,  skimmer seam,  around a fitting or in an unnoticed area.  The homeowner needs to be made aware of this before you get there.

If your customer insists that they want you to check only the specific area or line, make sure that PRIOR to your house call,  they are aware that if you don’t locate the leak where they believe it to be, and you continue to locate the leak, they will be charged for an entire leak detection.

You should provide an invoice with a clearly stated leak detection warranty.  It will show you are professional, diligent, and have a good business policy.  BUT ULTIMATELY, PROTECT YOURSELF!