Before undertaking any leak detection work, we get a look around the entire pool environment to understand what makes it tick first. There are pumps and heaters, blowers and motors that run all sorts of things. When we arrive on the property, before we break out any of our leak detection equipment, we take a look around and identify what runs what.

In this video, we were at a pretty big pool. As we got down inside the equipment room, we immediately identified rows of pumps and equipment that provide all the benefits of having a pool. We do want to take a look for puddles around equipment, detached hoses, previous repairs or equipment that has been bypassed. Everything we see will dictate some of the potential issues that caused the client to call for a leak detection. Take note of everything. A customer may have bypassed a pump because it did something unexpected and simply bypassing it was easier than repairing it. All the things we see will help explain why a customer called.

As we instruct in our online training program, detecting leaks goes far and beyond simply dropping a sensitive hydrophone into a pool to accurately detect areas where water is escaping the pool. From the moment you get on the property you have to keep your eyes open. Don’t overlook the obvious and keep your eyes open for the less obvious. A simple hose tied back could reveal bigger issues that you might not hear with listening equipment. Always get a look and the equipment set to understand what makes the pool tick.

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