The FLASH Stick


Using LeakTronics FLASH System for line and leak locating offers the patented technology professionals have come to trust from LeakTronics. Getting to a leak underground and accurately finding it’s location is easy – and with the 512 hertz FLASH Stick, you’ll scan the area in question and find the precise area where the F.L.A.S.H. head is located for making repairs. The FLASH Stick plugs directly into the LT-1000 Amplifier for powerful and sensitive listening capability.

The FLASH Stick contains state of the art sensors which receive signals from the FLASH Pipe Leak Locator. It can pick up the FLASH Transmitter under concrete, dirt, rock, soil, landscaping and water. The FLASH Stick allows users to identify the precise location where the FLASH mic is located with pinpoint accuracy. By knowing where the head is located underground, which will be at the specific point where the user heard the leak, users will be able to mark the area for repairs and reduce invasive digging and surface breaking to find the pipe and get to the leak.

Submersible: The FLASH Stick can listen through pool walls from inside the water. When the sonde locator is behind a pool wall, in a trunk line or a skimmer port, the extended rod on the FLASH Stick can be submersed and used to listen straight through the pool wall.

With the FLASH – you’ll be able to do what no other equipment in the industry can do, that is, find multiple leaks within a line. As you continue to pull through the line, each leak found can be located the same way. In a single pass, you can identify the areas where you’ll dig  and keep from having to dig up an entire line. You’ll wonder how you ever got the job done without it.

The FLASH Stick is included in:

The FLASH Stick for Plumbing Applications

Using the FLASH on Plumbing Leak Detection

Using the FLASH Stick on Pool Applications

Using the FLASH on Pool Leak Detection

Using the FLASH Stick on Irrigation Applications

Using the FLASH on Irrigation Leak Detection