I was talking with Peter in Florida about sinkholes and signs of an underground water leak. These seem to be a regular occurrence on the landscape down there and while some are natural, a lot of these sinkholes they find are many made. That being due to pipes leaking.

Sure, the sign of a sinkhole can be alarming, considering that some sinkholes have swallowed up whole houses, but those aren’t pipe related, I’m confident about that. Peter was talking about the little ones that happen due to irrigation leaks. We determined a list of things that might be telling you there’s a leaky pipe.

underground water leak

The first one was the obvious one. Unusual wet areas or puddling water in the yard, landscaping, or swimming pool area. These are clear indications that water isn’t where it belongs, though sometimes there are reasons, like splash out with regular use and it simply doesn’t evacuate the area once it gathers.

One we discussed was that an particular area in the yard was more lush or greener than surrounding areas. An influx of water can certainly feed the grass and give it a boost in growth. We’ve even seen the landscape mound up and get a little higher, sometimes due to swelling dirt, but usually because the rapidly growing grass roots are pushing up.

Of course, there might be a noticeable drop in water pressure at sprinklers; a clear sign that the pressure is dropping before the head due to a leak.

One we’ve all seen on driveways is cracking, potholes or depressions because the dirt beneath the surface is altered. It’s a clear sign of issues in need of repair.

Then we started getting into bigger issues. Like where a building appears to be leaning or has an uneven flooring. While dramatic, it’s glaringly obvious that this is where bigger issues come to light.

Then when customers call due to an unexplained increase in your water bill. A vast majority of our leak detection calls come with this as the reason.

Another is that they hear water movement when everything is off. Sometimes it’s just due to a toilet valve, but if they can hear it, they’re calling about it. Especially when it keeps them up at night.

The fact is, a pipe leaking underground is an issue that needs to be dealt with, but before it can be repaired, it has to be identified. Hiring a well equipped leak detection technician with the know-how to accurately find leaks with non-invasive methods is what consumers need. Those technicians use LeakTronics electronic leak detection equipment and have trained online with LeakTronics in the most advanced and effective methods of leaks detection. You can too.

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