In an effort to support Fix-A-Leak Week, leak detection equipment manufacturer LeakTronics is getting orders out immediately for their Plumbers Leak Detection Kits.

March 18th through 24th marks Fix-A-Leak Week in Winter Haven Florida and Plumbers are stepping up their services to answer customer requests for added leak detection services. As a result, the demand for the Plumbers Leak Detection Kit by LeakTronics is on the rise. LeakTronics is rushing kit orders to Winter Haven to fill the demand.

As Winter Haven officials team with the EPA WaterSense program to help reduce water waste in the region, consumers are taking part by having their properties and plumbing systems checked for water waste, often found in leaks they didn’t even know existed. Plumbers using professional leak detection kits are able to listen throughout the plumbing in a house, from the meter at the street, straight through the pipes in and under a home to find leaks that homeowners can’t see. The equipment in the LeakTronics Plumbers Kit enables them to do it with ease.

I use it on literally every job I go to,” shares Mario Lamboi, a plumber in Central Florida. “Pipes aren’t all in the walls. They leak under the foundation and the lawn and you have to be able to hear the leaks you can’t see. I use the equipment from LeakTronics to do that and I get the job done in no time. I’m getting calls from new customers with Fix-A-Leak Week coming and I’m taking every call I get.

LeakTronics, located in Los Angeles, CA, is the manufacturer and distributor of the industries highest graded professional leak detection equipment and offers kits for plumbers and pool service professionals too. Where water leaks, LeakTronics has a tool that finds it with extreme accuracy, and most often, with non-invasive detection techniques. Before contractors can bid a repair job, they need to identify every leak on the property, and with the equipment in LeakTronics Plumbers Kit, they do.

We make it easy to get the job done,” shares Joe Dolan, a LeakTronics team member. “Our Plumbers Kit allows technicians to listen to pipes in any situation. Under soil, flooring, behind cabinetry or even below concrete – we have our users biggest concerns at heart. There is no major learning curve to detecting leaks. You’re listening with our sensitive equipment, identifying where the break is in a pipe and marking the location for repair. Plumbers swear by our equipment and methods and we work hard to make sure they can find those leaks fast.

LeakTronics Plumbers Kit is available for direct purchase at their website: The website has video instruction for a variety of techniques, as well as user manuals and plumbers can call 818-436-2953 for immediate customer service. Online training for people getting into leak detection for the first time is also available and all questions can be answered by telephone.