LeakTronics, the industry leader in leak detection equipment manufacturing and global distribution introduces a non-invasive method of underground pipe location. The PG-2 Pulse Generator works seamlessly with any listening equipment and arrives in the marketplace at a price point under $1000, available now in the LeakTronics online store.

Locating PVC pipes underground is not possible with traditional pipe locating methods. Plastics don’t carry an electric charge, and this often leads to invasive digging techniques to trace the location of sub-surface plumbing. It inflates the cost and effort to find pipes for detecting leaks and water loss.

The PG-2 Pulse Generator uses a gentle pulse that emanates throughout thousands of feet of pipe, allowing the technician to use listening equipment to map and trace where the pipes lay. Once marked, the technician can pressurize the pipe and discover where leaks are in the line.

The PG-2 Pulse Generator from LeakTronics is the evolution of pipe tracing, developing a gentle technology that replaces previous “thumper” technologies in the industry. The PG-2 attaches to the isolated line in question and injects a pulsing action into the fluid in the line. This pulse radiates the length of the line and through any attached lines. With a subsurface listening device, technicians can follow the pipe wherever it goes.

The PG-2 is available as a stand-alone product, or can be purchased with LeakTronics listening equipment in a kit for Irrigation professionals, plumbers or technicians that work regularly with sub-surface plumbing. The Irrigation Leak Detection Kit from LeakTronics includes a ground probe, an amplifier and headphones to hear the pulse of the PG-2 in the pipes.

The PG-2 has an internal battery that carries a three hour charge. This allows users to move the device where it’s needed without having to transport a power source to keep it charged or operating. With a simple three hour charge, the battery offers a solid three hours of user operation.

Learn more about the PG-2 Pulse Generator, see videos and get answers to questions by browsing our website or by calling LeakTronics at 818-436-2953.