In this episode of Turning Leak Detection Into Repair Work, we’re at a $400,000 pool in Bel Air that has a design flaw. During our leak detection walkthrough, we discovered some evident water run-off underneath the pool.

Upon further investigation, we discovered that while the pool looked impressive, it was designed without a slot drain or catch trough. This means that will even a minor occupant load of say, 2 people, the water will simply flow over the edge, either sit under the pool deck waiting to potentially run off to waste, or will simply overflow the side and run off to waste. To remedy the situation, a repair installing a type of drainage or circulation to avoid the water waste will have to be installed on the pool.

Some leak situations can’t be found with leak detection equipment, but with proper inspection skills and by keeping your eyes open. Design flaws aren’t always that easy to spot. To learn more about the Industry leading Equipment and Training provided by LeakTronics, visit: